Multi-service campaigns

Email marketing services

By synchronising your brand message through multi-channel distribution of the same content through different channels, it reinforces the message and maximises the impact.

An email campaign sent jointly with printed items and mailing is a perfect example of working in partnership to create a structured cross channel message that is stronger through multi-media recognition.

CitySprint Office can co-ordinate your email campaigns to run in conjunction with mailing, print and promotional distribution, creating a seamless connection.

Alternatively, multi-channel distribution can be used in a staged process building brand awareness e.g. mail piece promoting an event date, email sent out a week later with a reminder of the event date, plus printed literature distributed to be inserted into magazines/through doors.

Data capture solutions and cleansing services

Returned mail

Mailing items such as 'gone aways', refused, incomplete or unknown addresses are received, sorted and collated with strict quality control procedures ready for data capture.

Data capture

The addressing is date captured into a uniform format, then utilising PAF software and other tools to enhance the accuracy of the data, are supplied to be re-integrated back into existing mail lists.

This process is also used for capturing responses to mail/email campaigns.

Data cleansing

We offer a wide range of data cleansing services to ensure your mailing list is as clean as possible before you spend valuable budget mailing undeliverables/'gone aways' or MPS again.

Response handling services

We can also offer campaign response handling for the request of items such as brochures, vouchers or even promotional packs.

This can be provided in various formats:

  • Data captured lists
  • Emails
  • Coupons
  • Business reply device

From this a personalised document can be generated to accompany the relevant item for despatch, or even a picking list can be created. Items can then be picked, packed and despatched through various postal options, via the nationwide CitySprint network of couriers or even international delivery.

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